News Reflection

News reflection

I enjoyed being a presenter

I could of spoke more clearer

I thought I did well talking about the movies

I think I did enough

I could do something else

I did use my time wisely writing my script

Ethan and Ned and my topic was new movies

My group worked really well and

I was really proud of my work and I hope we do it again.


Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring

A young hobbit named Frodo is trusted with an enormous  burden: to take the One ring and throw it in the Cracks of Doom and destroy it. The One ring has a great ancient evil power inside it, a power so great it can turn even the most nicest person into a evil monster, a power that turned Smeagol a right handsome fellow into an evil creature know as Gollum. Frodo has become a ring-bearer(the one who possesses the ring) and he has been given companions: Gandalf the Grey the Company’s guide, Legolas the so n of the elf leader of Mirkwood who held prisoner Bilbo and Thorin, Gimli son of Gloin, his father travelled with Bilbo in the First adventure, Aragon son of Arthoron, he’s descended from Isildur the first human to wear the One ring, Bormair brother of Formair is a very proud man but devastating in battle,  Merry and Pippen they are also Hobbits who persuaded Frodo to take them with him and Sam who is the servant of Frodo and is very loyal to him.
I hope you read it and like it. BYYYYYE

Heal the world

Text to self: Heal the world makes me feel sad because they sing about war but at the end, over a 1000 people hold candles, a symbol of peace.

Text to world: this song is about the world being a better place however we know that there are wars going on around the world. they do war for power and greed plus money and riches, in Ukraine and Russia and Israel. They are fighting over land.

Text to text: Heal the world relates to children of the king the things that are the same are that they are about war and trying to stop it. There is a boy called Jeremey and he’s 14 years old and he wants to help with the war rather then sit around so he runs away.

Snapshot writing

The Movies

When the lights dimmed, I could see the screen getting bigger and could hear people getting quieter and I could taste the suspense in the air and then it started .

Kryal castle

We couldn’t find a park space out the front and I could see a castle wall in front of me and we went inside. When we where inside the castle we saw a cage were you could lock yourself in. My mum took a picture.

Circus school

“Just spin it in tiny circles” said my teacher “wait, wait you got It! Yes I could spin the plate. it went around and around and then it stopped.

The hunger games

The hunger games is an exciting and adventures book.

A girl called Katniss Everdeen  has been chosen to go to the biggest city in the country: the capital . Katniss Is already a skilled archer and she becomes the girl on fire and has she battles vicious muttations and bloodthirsty swordsman will she beat the odds and win. May the odds be ever in your favour.






My weird dream

Hi guys this was my dream from last night it’s pretty weird

I walked inside a warehouse and I saw these piles of old armour and I saw a boy crying and he was wearing a set of armour then mrs Todd came up to me and said “thats my armour it’s a bit rusty”.  And I picked up a set and started putting the pieces together and I said ” your right all of them are rusty” and for some reason I had my drama book with me and there was a door with a sign saying drama so I went inside and there was a TV and the news was on and the news lady was speaking in a weird language that I couldn’t understand and then below her wad a man and he shot a rocket launcher at me and I deflected it and I shot it at the the news girl and she turn into a monster then a news girl again. So I ran and a voice said too me that no one could here me and I ran outside too my moms car only she could see me and hear me and she seemed to understand what was happening and I said to her I forgot my drink bottle and I went inside and never returned.

Re reflection

I learnt that marriage is a sacrament and that the anotinting of the sick is actually death. I learnt a lot of new stuff for the sacraments like that flowers are the symbol of marrige and the symbol of anotinting of the sick is the cross.


Artimes fowl

This book was mysterious and had a lot of action.

12 year old criminal mastermind artimes fowl has kidnapped captain holly short of the fairy police and is holding her for ransom. These fairys ain’t from story’s these are armed and dangerous and will stop at Nothing to get her back, well except handing over fairy gold